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Twitter Analytics for Your Website: the Other Official Analytics No One Talks about

Twitter Analytics

Twitter recently revamped their analytics offering an made it accessible to everyone.

Here’s a graph I quickly generated with the data it provides:

If you haven’t already checked it out, definitely do so. It’s accessible at

There have been a number of EXCELLENT posts written about the platform. Definitely check out what AJ Kohn and Dan Shure have written on the topic.

I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome and works well for understand your personal tweets. You can easily get a sense which tweets receive the greatest engagement, what gets favorites, or are the most ReTweeted, and why.

BUT, there’s another official Twitter Analytics offering available and I haven’t heard anyone else talk about it.

Unlike, this allows you any tweet activity involving your website.

If anyone shares a link from your website, it’s recorded, EVEN if you aren’t the one tweeting!

You get all sort of information like who tweeted it, how many clicks it got and what engagement it received! The data can be viewed within certain date ranges as well as examined at the sitewide or page-level.

This information is invaluable and you can’t get it if you just use Google Analytics and the other Twitter Analytics platform.

screenshot of alternative twitter analytics

Here’s how to add it…

Head over to Twitter Ads. Don’t worry, it’s free and you don’t actually have to buy any ads if you don’t want to.

Navigate up top to “Analytics” and then “Websites”.

twitter analytics menu in ads

From there, click the “Add website” button.

add website for twitter analytics button

It will bring you to a website that will provide you with Twitter specific meta tag that you can add to the head section of your website. Once you add the meta tag, click the “Verify website” button found on the same page as the Twitter meta tag.

twitter analytics meta tag

That’s it! You’re site will start collecting some sweet data.


Update: Luiz Centenaro tipped me off that that once you implement the tracking on your website, at least some data appears retroactively.

I originally shared this tip in my newsletter, which I’d like to encourage people to sign-up for. You can .

Update: Twitter may have killed this feature. I’m currently investigation…

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  1. Hey Paul,

    Excellent article! I use Twitter analytics from time to time but didn’t know about adding the website to it. Just did that and thanks for sharing.

    Shared on triberr and sharing this around on my social accounts too!

    Definitely a great article to read! Kudos man.

  2. Thanks Paul. Great tip there. I’ve been looking too much at the actual analytics…and i freaking missed that. Sharing this out 🙂

    One tip for people implementing this, clear your site cache then verify. It’ll save you a lot of retries.