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Leveraging Google+ as a Link Building & Outreach Engine

I’d like to direct my readers’ attention to a recent of post of mine published on Search Engine Journal, detailing the benefits of using Google+ as platform for conducting outreach and building links.

The post can be found at this link:
The Definitive Guide to Using Google+ for Building Links & Outreach

Post Summary (Full Post)

  • Circles are useful for organization purposes.
  • Organizing Outreach on Google+ with Circles

  • You can contact people right within Google+, tapping into influencers and accelerators.
  • sending outreach emails from within google+

  • Learn about the methodologies I have used to build links using Google+, including finding influencers and finding prospects.
  • finding google+ prospects

  • Like other social networks, social shares can build latent backlinks.
  • backlink count for google+ profiles

  • Google+ profiles have PageRank, and shared links pass PageRank. You can acquire backlinks from user’s website as well as their Google+ profile and both will help with your site’s rankings.
  • grabbing google+ profile pagerank

I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences with using Google+ to build links or conduct outreach. Feel free to comment on the SEJ post or below.

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