Why I’m Ditching Instapaper in Favor of Pocket

Screen Shot of Pocket Web Service (getpocket.com)

Pocket is the redesigned and rebranded version of the Read It Later Service that I have recently fallen in love with. I have used the Instapaper service for years and have been very happy with it. I even paid the $5 for the Instapaper iPhone app, which I think by the way is much too expensive. Before Read It Later became Pocket, Instapaper was the superior service, but now the tables have turned.

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Reader’s Question: What Makes a Blog Post Go Viral?

I received the following email from a reader in response to my previous post, Jonah Peretti, Founder of BuzzFeed—What Makes Something Go Viral?:

Hi Paul,

Stumbled on your blog via google. Pretty cool stuff you write about! I have a quick question about your article about stuff going viral! Have you found anything about how Blogs can make use of it? How would you go about it? Now that would be interesting to hear!

I am probably not the most qualified blogger to answer this question, but I will attempt to extrapolate an answer from my knowledge of viral media that I hope will be useful and insightful just the same.
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Only 34 Percent of Americans View Twitter Favorably

A recent poll conducted by Langer Research Associates for ABC News/Washington Post measured the favorability of several large tech companies. The results of the poll demonstrated that only 34 percent of people view Twitter favorably, with 36 percent viewing it unfavorably, and 31 percent indicating that they have no opinion. The poll revealed that unlike Twitter, Google, Apple, and Facebook received positive sentiments.

Graph indicating Twitter is viewed unfavorably

Twitter is the second largest social network with around 500 million member (140 million active users) with 340 million tweets sent per day. There are people who love it, including myself. So, what’s with all the negativity about Twitter?
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The Hunger Games: The Successful New Media Campaign That Made It Rain Ticket Sales

Fandango’s recent press release noted that the newly released film The Hunger Games has broken the record for ticket sales with its service, accounting for 22% of all ticket sales. Many of those sales were made with Fandango’s mobile app, resulting in a record number of tickets purchased with a mobile device as well. The success of the film, although much due to the popularity of the book series for which it is based on, is also the result of an incredible demonstration of new media marketing.
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