GroupMe: The Finest Group Messaging Platform for the Power User

GroupMe App on iPhone in Hand

GroupMe is a simple-to-use yet powerful group messaging and conference calling service, complete with smartphone apps available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and most recently, Windows Phone 7. The service excels both in its simplicity and its compatibility. In fact, it is not even necessary for the user to have a smartphone; good old standard SMS text messaging will suffice. Gizmodo identified GroupMe as a “life changer” and it truly is. The uses for GroupMe are inexhaustible and have ranged from facilitating family communication to managing college study groups to stopping crime. Despite the growing number of stories about how people have been using GroupMe, very few of them have made mention of GroupMe’s advanced features, and consequently they seem to go unnoticed. These features however, are one of the many reasons why I am proud to call myself a GroupMe “Groupie”.

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