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Best Tumblr Blogs To Follow

Tumblr is a unique blogging platform (and social network) that is ideal for short-form content. The blogging platform makes it easy to contribute visual content like photos or videos as well as other types of media such as quotes, text, and links. Posts can be tagged, making them easily discovered. The user interface allows you to “follow” blogs, “reblog” content, “like” posts, submit content, and interact with the authors easily. The reblog feature in particular combined with short-form content (often very visual in nature) contributes to the of ability of its content to go viral.

Playing further upon the viral nature of its content format, Tumblr blogs often take the form of quirky and humorous themes—the sort of material common to internet memes and other viral media on the world wide web.

screenshot of tumblr UI exemplifying why it best suited for certain content types

If you have yet to set up your own Tumblr account, now’s the time to immerse yourself in a world that is both humorous and inspiring! This list should provide you with a good overview of some of the best tumbr blogs out there. As for people already active on the platform, what do you think are best tumblr blogs to follow and what are some of your favorites that I may have missed?

I’d love to know which Tumblr blogs you think are amongst the best. You can let me know in the comments below or my contributing to the list above.

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