Pixel Width Checker for Page Meta Titles & Descriptions

Beat title and meta description truncation in the SERPs by calculating your pixel length!

What is this tool?

It is a common fallacy that Google has a character count limit for title tags and meta descriptions. In reality, there is a pixel width limit.

What is the pixel width limit?

Title tags typically get truncated at widths greater than 600px, although there does seem to be some variation between devices.

How do I use the calculator?

Use this tool to bulk check the pixel widths of title tags that you're writing. Each title should go on its own line. You can even copy & paste a column from Excel. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file. The CSV file must have column with the header "Title" (case-sensitive). After each modifcation, addition, or change from title and/or meta description, you must click "Update Pixel Lenghth(s)".

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