Parallels’ Content Marketing Strategy for Outranking Software Pirates

The software company Parallels, makers of awesome virtual machine software for your Mac, had a problem:

Thousands upon thousands of searches are being made by people trying to pirate their software, using a myriad of variations of “parallels key generator” and “parallels product key”.

Parallels’ Content Marketing Strategy for Outranking Software Pirates

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The Linkedin Publishing Platform and SEO: Examining 3,000 Posts to See What Works in the SERPS

The Linkedin Publishing Platform and SEO: Examining 3,000 Posts to See What Works in the SERPS

I recently published an analysis on OkDork, breaking down successful LinkedIn Publishing posts.

This analysis was mainly focused on how many view each post obtained.

I have a lot more data about these posts, A LOT MORE (even beyond this post).

This post will follow a similar structure as the previous post, but instead focus on the SEO value of these posts by looking at the likelyhood of them ranking in the Google SERP–looking at external backlinks.

The results end up looking very different than looking at just the views.
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What Makes LinkedIn Publishing Posts Tick

I did a recent analysis of 3,000 of the most successful LinkedIn Publisher posts to to try and how you can make the most of the new(ish) platgform.

Check out my latest post on Noah Kagan’s blog, OkDork:

We Analyzed the 3,000 Most Successful LinkedIn Publishing Posts

I’m thinking of releasing more data about this on Search Wilderness (I have a ton more). So, be on the lookout for that.

Why Being a “Guru” at Startup Event Is Like Being the Pretty Girl at a Bar

Hey guys, this post is written by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous against my advice to publish under his own name.

I accidentally discovered something once.

There’s no better place than a car dealership if you’re feeling a bit down about yourself.

How do you deal with a breakup? A few years ago, I’d just broken up with my girlfriend and was feeling pretty shitty about myself. In between my thoughts of self pity, I decided to buy myself a car – and that’s when I made the discovery.

The dealership was nearby and I was warmly welcomed. The salesman shook my hand, offered me coffee, asked me questions about myself and for some reason, everything I said seemed to be incredibly interesting or hilarious to him.

I felt like a pretty girl at a bar.

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What Is SEO and How Do We Define It? Expert Opinions.

Insight on how to explain SEO to everyone, including your Mom.

SEO is often misunderstood, and I have found that its definition varies dramatically from practitioner-to-practitioner. So, what is SEO?

I asked some experts (primarily via our /r/BigSEO AMAs) how they define SEO and how they would explain it to various people; specifically, I asked the following questions:

  1. How do you personally define SEO?
  2. How do you define SEO to your colleagues?
  3. How do you define SEO to the C-Suite?
  4. How do you define SEO to your mom?

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The 44 Nightmare Responses Your Agency Will Get When You Ask a Simple Question… (A Satire)

This is a satire of the type of responses you sometimes hear from clients when working at an agency, and is a collaboration of some awesome people on Reddit, who request to remain anonymous. The views expressed in this post absolutely do not reflect a particular agency or client.


Hi, we’re about to launch your campaign. We just have a quick question for you. What time is it on your office wall clock?

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