Hacking Your Job Search With Your Blog

how to hack your job search with your website and a line of code

An old friend of mine, a prolific blogger, recently embarked on search for a new job.

He was sending his resume a long to a handful of places and it was important to him that he be able to track which of them clicked through to his blog URL from his resume.

It would act as an early indicator for a successful job application, as once they saw his blog, they’d want him for sure! (He’s now gainfully employed by the way).

His idea–create a unique landing page for each resume he sent along. Decent idea, but not terribly original. A lot of people do this.

This is what I suggested he do instead: [ Continue Reading >> ]

Get Back Some of That (Not Provided) Keyword Data With a Survey

When Google made the transition to 100% secure search, everyone lost their organic keyword data.

(I’m sure you’ve heard this story before. I’ll stop there.)

It hasn’t impacted me all that much, at least in the sense that I’m still able to grow my clients’ visibility through organic search just fine.

Still, the data was kind of nice to have, and I’d take it back in a heart beat if it were ever to be relinquished.

In marketing, sometimes you need only ask… [ Continue Reading >> ]

Using Facial Recognition Technology to Segment Your Email List


I confess, I’m a nerd and I love myself a good API.

This post is very nerdy and may be overly technical, but I was still compelled to give the methodology a try.

Without further ado…

Here’s my little hack for segmenting your email list by approximated age, ethnicity, gender, and magnitude of smile featured in your social network profile picture: [ Continue Reading >> ]

Free SEO Tools That I Love (And Actually Use): Keyword Research

I frequently read articles about SEO tools and the majority of them suck.

Usually, the author was trying to put together a comprehensive list, but isn’t representative of the tools that the author actually uses.

I do SEO all day, erry’day, and these are the free tools I actually use…

Free SEO Tools That I Love (and Actually Use): Keyword Research [ Continue Reading >> ]